Meet Kim Hines—the inspiration behind Gypsy Moon

Woman - Gypsy Moon in Drive Hollywell, QLD

Passions often present themselves when you least expect it. Laid up with an injury which resulted in a 6 month leave of absence from my much-loved job as a nurse, a beautiful beading kit caught my eye as I scrolled through Facebook.

At that moment, a seed of intrigue embedded into my subconscious – could this be the hobby I craved to occupy my time? I’ll admit, it was love at first sparkle. Before long I was handcrafting bespoke pieces of jewellery which incorporated high-quality materials and healing crystals before soon branching out into crafting mandalas, dream catchers and more.

Suddenly I had found a calling which left me profoundly fulfilled. And, as nursing became more about budgets and bottom lines and less about health and humanity, it became (crystal!) clear I’d need to travel down a different path to deliver help to those who are at their most vulnerable. Everybody needs something to believe in – that’s my mission with Gypsy Moon.

Why Gypsy Moon

Bold, brave, bespoke – this is what I strive to be. Gypsy Moon also embodies the very essence of these traits. Everywhere I look, and in everything I do, I see inspiration and beauty. I’m all about vibrancy and vitality and infuse these qualities into my one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, mandalas, dreamcatchers and more.

I’ve always identified with being a Gypsy, and being able to bring beauty and hope into the world of my customers via unique products is the ultimate honour.

It’s often been said I have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what people need most – with a vast knowledge of crystals and the incredible powers they possess I strive to make a difference in the world of my customers and enrich them with the knowledge they need to live their best life.

Although I am the creative force behind Gypsy Moon, I have handpicked some brands I am proud to partner with. 

Helping people is what I adore doing most, and by sharing my unique creations with the world (all of which are designed with love!) I see it as my destiny to make a difference in the lives of my customers.

Contact me today and begin your beautiful journey towards health and happiness via Gypsy Moon.