Angel Numbers
Angel Numbers-The Message and Meaning Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences by Kyle Gray

Angel Numbers

Have you ever noticed sequences of numbers appear all around you like on license plates, on your phone (times, dates, phone numbers) or perhaps on address numbers and wondered if there was any meaning behind this? Well I’m here to tell you that they’re not a coincidence but a sign directly for you!


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How our Angels communicate with us

Whether you wish to believe it or not, there are celestial angels all around us. As they cannot interfere with our lives unless we ask them to, they desperately send out messages and signs in cryptic form to try and get our attention. They want to let us know that we’re not alone and they want to lead us on the right path to fulfill our life’s purpose. One of the ways they may do this is through Angel numbers or in other words, number sequences. When you see repetitive numbers, particularly 3-digit number patterns, these are not coincidences but messages from the Universe – your guardian angels or spirit guides. They are trying to capture your attention to tell you something. It is with these signs that you need to take note and decode the messages that they are sending to you.

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Before I embarked on my own spiritual journey, I recall seeing number patterns quite frequently but naively I always dismissed their importance. Being closed minded, it was easy to put it down to coincidence rather than seeing it for its true meaning. I did notice 666 a lot and given its association with the “devil”, I hoped it didn’t mean anything sinister. Little did I know that the actual meaning was the universe trying to tell me to align my thoughts with my higher purpose. It was a wake-up call to turn within. They wanted me to change my thoughts so that my life purpose would become clearer and on track. Wow! What a powerful message and yet at the time I totally missed the signs! (You can check out the meaning of 666 here)

Being a Pisces I am naturally intuitive. However, for so long my judgement was clouded, turning my back on the gifts that were meant for me. My heart was closed. It wasn’t until I became aligned with my spiritual side that I opened my heart up to the universe and asked for their guidance, wisdom and clarity. Suddenly, I began to see the world from a different perspective. My life began to transform into something meaningful and significant. I woke up to life!

What you put out to the universe comes back to you

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The beautiful thing about being spiritually awakened is that you become aware of the kind of vibrations you are sending out to the universe. They say that what you give out to the world (be it anger or happiness, hate or love) is ultimately what can return to your own life in the end. I realised that when I was having a negative mindset, I seemed to attract negative people or situations. Everything that shows up in your life is the result of your thoughts and feelings. It can be a little confronting when you come to the realisation that everything that happens in your life is through your own manifestation. I never realised the impact this negative frequency was having on my everyday life. What I put out to the universe is what I got back. This is called the Law of Attraction and it is very powerful indeed. I have since learned how to combat this negative mindset and will share this with you in another post.

Interpreting Angel Numbers

When I really started to notice my surroundings, angel numbers appeared to me everywhere. I found it helpful to write down the number sequences, taking note of the thoughts, feelings and events going on in my life at that point in time. I found a really great website called Willowsoul which helped to interpret the meaning of the number sequences I was seeing. These included numbers like 111, 555, 777, 888, 999 and 000. The messages were clear and resonated with what I was going through at that time. I could really feel the love and support my guardian angels were providing. It was extremely comforting to know that I wasn’t alone and the universe had my back. At first, I had to come to grips that I was “actually worthy” of such love and protection from this higher power. I mean, what did I do to deserve this unconditional love and guidance? But once I accepted this, the peace and contentment I felt was truly divine.

Knowledge is Power

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Having the knowledge to understand the meaning behind these signs and to trust my own intuition has been imperative to my spiritual development. Learning about the angel number sequences will literally change your life! If you have been seeing triple number sequences but not sure what they mean, there are plenty of sites on the internet that can help you. Aside from Willowsoul, another great website to note is The Law of Attraction. Additionally, there are plenty of books available that explain what the Angel numbers mean. you can grab yourself a wonderful little pocketbook called Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray which you can buy directly from Gypsy Moon. This helpful book clearly explains how to receive accurate messages from your angels and heavenly loved ones. It guides you to take note whenever you see repetitive number sequences on telephone numbers, license plates, receipts, clocks and so on. I carry this book around with me everywhere. It is a handy reference guide that is small enough to fit into your bag, desk drawer or car glove box so you’ll always know what your angels are saying!

The Signs are all Around You

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If you’re still feeling skeptical about angel numbers, the universe and receiving messages from spirit guides, then you can do one of two things. You can ignore the signs completely and continue on with your life as you have always done none the wiser. However, I’m guessing that you’re here because you’re on the brink of a new spiritual path and looking for answers? I challenge you to look around and write down all the number sequences you see each day (and yes you will see them). Then look up their meanings online. You’ll be amazed at how well the angel messages speak to you. I can guarantee that once your heart and mind opens up, you will notice the signs are everywhere. If you are going through a challenging time or you are at a cross-roads and not sure what direction to take, then reach out and ask the universe to give you wisdom, guidance and clarity. The answers are right there, you just need to step back, open your eyes and see what is in front of you. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what your belief system is, the same message stands for everyone. All you need to do is believe!

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