Book Review: Never Give Up by JeanClare
Never give up-7 Powerful Secrets I Learnt from my Famous Friends and How They Can Transform Your Life by Jean Clare

Book Review: Never Give Up by JeanClare

Never Give Up is a compelling book about transformation, freedom and finding the person you were meant to be. The author, JeanClare, also a highly respected clairvoyant and consultant to the stars, writes with great honesty and integrity as she takes the reader on a journey through her life experiences and encounters to help others learn powerful secrets to create positive, permanent long lasting results in their life.

JeanClare tells of the celebrities that she has worked with over the years and how they helped her to discover the 7 Secrets of Success which form the basis of her book – Grace & Dignity, Courage, Transformation, Commitment, Integrity, Respect and Passion.

“ Without grace and dignity there can be no courage; without courage there can be no transformation; without transformation there is no commitment; without commitment there is no integrity; without integrity there can be no respect; without respect there can be no passion. Without passion, there is no inner peace, success or reason to exist.”

JeanClare is humble, wise and extremely knowledgeable. She inspires people to believe in themselves by providing a glimpse of the future and letting them know that they have a destiny but they also have choices. JeanClare works with people who want to transform their lives and create a world that will help others.

A Concept is Born….

“There are no accidents, everything is exactly as it should be at any given time on our destiny path”

The concept of this book was born after JeanClare was involved in a near fatal car accident back in 1999 which not only broke her body but broke her spirit. It was this traumatic experience that was to change her life forever. During her recovery, JeanClare experienced every negative emotion that was ever invented however over time she began to reinvent herself. Firstly, she needed to forgive herself for not being the person everyone expected her to be and to start being her own authentic self. It was at that point she decided it was OK to be different and to embrace the gift that she was destined to have.

“I had gifts and abilities that were unique and special. These gifts had kept me separate from everyone else my whole life and made me feel like an outcast.”

It was the change of direction she needed. “I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me, stopped trying to always do the right thing and stopped trying to make other people happy.” She set standards, boundaries and learned to say No.

JeanClare’s spiritual journey helped to shift her perspective from “Why me?” to “What can I learn from this?” And as she mentions in her book, she looked back at this experience and wondered why she needed to go through it? But then she remembered the masses of people she had helped in some way because she had decided to push through and believe in never giving up! Her remarkable journey of transformation and learning created a positive outcome for herself and others.

“Working with Miranda (Kerr) on her journey of self-empowerment allowed me to embrace my own gifts and knowledge. Being in the presence of such a gifted person opened the doors for me to embrace every aspect of who I am as a person and to understand that what I do is a profession, not a label.”

Be Inspired to Transform your Life

This book will inspire you to take on your own adventure of self-discovery in order to understand yourself, transform your life, follow your passion and create your dreams. You will never think or feel the same way after you have read this book. You’ll read it front-to-back, back -to-front, inside-and-out, each time taking away something unique. Never Give Up will force you to re-evaluate the things or situations in your life that contribute negatively or that play a part in sabotaging your dreams. You will awaken, find your inner peace and start to believe in yourself. Let JeanClare provide you with the tools so you can stop self-sabotaging your life and start creating unstoppable motivation, focus and clarity.

“A passion begins as a thought that comes from the heart & turns into a dream. The dream then becomes the reason for being passionate” JeanClare

The Journey to International Success

This small-town girl born on the North Coast of NSW, turned author, clairvoyant, consultant, public speaker and entrepreneur, has travelled the world and built a large client base of actors, models, television personalities, writers, designers and other professionals. One could be forgiven for feeling somewhat intimidated upon meeting JeanClare for the first time. While her accomplishments have brought her international acclaim, JeanClare is beautifully humble regarding her success. With her quietly spoken, down to earth, elegant demeanor and gentle smile, you will instantly feel comfortable in her presence. It’s not difficult to see why she has developed lasting relationships with those she has mentored throughout her 30-year career. With an already impressive CV behind her, you cannot help but be drawn to this engaging successful woman as she speaks passionately about her gift, past experiences and future projects.

Future Endeavors

So, what is next for JeanClare? Well 2020 is looking to be a busy year for the entrepreneur. There are two more books on the horizon, a new collection of JeanClare branded spray oils, a suite of online courses soon to be released via JeanClare’s website, an array of public speaking engagements and a 2020 Retreat. And if that wasn’t enough, JeanClare will continue to work with her valued clients and also run ad hoc workshops. For up to date information as it happens, check in on her website

Feel Empowered

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have met the brilliant mind behind Never Give Up: 7 Powerful Secrets I Learnt From My Famous Friends & How They Can Transform Your Life! As I undergo my own transformation journey, this book has been instrumental in writing the next chapter of my life. I now feel empowered to stay true to myself, to follow my passion and create my dreams. Thank you JeanClare for sharing your knowledge and powerful wisdom helping to change people’s lives forever.

“Once you have your life in order and take responsibility for your life choices, you start to live in the vibration of your true self.” JeanClare

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