Custom-made mandalas & dream catchers

Handcrafted using a range of materials and natural fibres, Gypsy Moon creates a selection of custom-made pieces including dream catchers, mandalas and place-mats.

Be inspired and view our online store. We also welcome you to visit our Gold Coast home store in Hollywell open by appointment. Contact us for all enquiries.


At Gypsy Moon, we make symbolic mandalas to bring beauty and hope into your life. Mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit text, meaning “essence.” Using images, forms and colours to symbolise your subconscious, our mandalas create a point of focus when you meditate.

Mandalas can help ease negative thoughts, so your creative self can be expressed. We describe them as a map, guiding you spiritually toward the essence of who you are. Feel more relaxed and connected with a one-of-a-kind mandala, designed by Kim Hines.

Dream Catchers

Custom made in a huge range of styles and sizes, our handcrafted dream catchers are the perfect gift. Starting with a hoop, our talented designer Kim weaves natural fibres to create a web-like pattern, adding objects like crystals, beads, shells and feathers.

According to native American legend, dreams float through the air looking for their destination. While we sleep under a dream catcher, nightmares get caught in the web and perish with daylight.

Sleep soundly with one of our authentic, magical designs over your bed. Ask about our sparkling Tree of Life dream catchers, handmade using a selection of your favourite crystals.