Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards by Jade-Sky and Belinda Morris

Answer the call of the ancestors to connect to their wisdom, discover their truths and accept their support.

The knowledge of those who came before us can never be lost. It is alive within our hearts, our souls and our DNA. Tap into love and learning from spirits past with the guidance of award-winning psychic medium, Jade-Sky. Stand with wisdom holders, be open to ageless insight, and solidify your dreams in a future of joy, fulfilment and clarity.

With beautiful images, created by Belinda Morris to reinforce the messages and help you stretch your energy into other times and spaces for direction, decision-making, purpose and reassurance that the ancestors walk with you.

Channelling and connecting with ancestor spirits from many cultures is an important part of Jade-Sky’s work as a psychic medium. She interprets messages, signs and symbols from many traditions and is honoured to share her extensive knowledge with you here in this oracle.

The 43 ancestor spirits that appear in these cards want to share their knowledge with you. All you need to do is have an open mind and heart and listen for the messages they are sending you. It doesn’t matter what country or ancestry you come from or where you gain your knowledge from around the world. We are all one race: the human race. You may be surprised to discover you have had past lives in some of the countries that appear in your oracle cards, or you may uncover a passion for an ancient culture you never knew existed.

Do read the guidebook and take time to get to know your Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards. Do not rush the process and do try to connect with each cards unique cultural energy. Notice any feelings that come to the surface when you are reading about a culture or era. Take note of these feelings so you can research more about that card at a later date.

Please know that you are loved and protected by the Universe and you spirit guides. The positive energies contained in these cards have been chosen by my spirit guides and myself to give you the most accurate predictive information to answer any questions you may ask of the cards.


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