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  • Ask the Witch Tarot Cards by Francesca Matteoni

    In the fascinating world of Tarot cards, this deck has something more to offer, both to complete beginners and to expert readers.

    Every Major Arcana introduces the readers to a famous witch and in the Minor Arcana, witches as well as their tools and animals are divided into categories that correspond to the four elements of fire, water, air and earth.

    The witches found in the deck are aged savages, ancient fairies, fallen goddesses, nocturnal creatures, lords of chaos and explorers of cusps.

    The Ask the Witch Tarot Cards is based on the RWS system but with a unique trait: it is full of witches from all over the globe, travelling on brooms, in their cauldrons, coming out of the trees and dark waters, brandishing blades, and hiding bags of magic herbs, all the time enhancing the symbolism of the Arcana with their spells.

    In the 22 cards of the Major Arcana are witches that may be famous or that we may be meeting for the first time. They are goddesses, spirits, great enchantresses, woodland creatures, creatures of the oceans and of other worlds that can be perceived on the edge of our own. But they are also mortal, considered witches because of traditions and the time they lived in. They have advice for us that they are willing to reveal if we will heed them; and although the witches represented here are all female, we wanted to leave a certain amount of ambiguity in the Minor Arcana so that everyone can identify with them.

    All the witches in the deck encourage you to look beyond their image and scrutinise the details. They invite you to experience the nearness of life in all its shapes, with a curious inclination for listening , beginning with those closest to us, namely, other animals. In fact, it is well known that witches have familiars, or animal companions, who share their arts. Sometimes they themselves turn into animals or strange creatures as you can see, especially in the cards of the Court, where each witch is represented with her familiar.

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