Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright

In ‘BEYOND DOORWAYS ‘ The Mysteries Revealed’, Alexis Cartwright offers us an in depth, personal and channelled perspective on a diverse range of subjects relevant to the knowledge and teachings of the Celestial Christ.

The information offered within is as profound as it is timely.

As you read, you are taken on a journey gaining understanding of the changes occurring in the planet and humanity at this critical time of ascension from the 3rd to 5th dimension.

Most importantly you are offered powerful tools that will assist you and your loved ones to maintain balance, raise your frequency, shift your reality and transfer to the 5th dimension in harmony with our planet through a process of divine synchronicity.

The sacred knowledge and teachings experienced as you journey through the 15 chapters of this book include:

  • The Earth and cosmic changes
  • Crystals, their internal technology and healing powers
  • The magical properties of symbols
  • The Global Grid Matrix

This is a must read for everyone incarnated on our planet at this vital time of ascension!

The time to read it is NOW!

It will become a most valuable resource for all light workers who are aware of the ascension process at hand and of their supportive role within it.

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Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cart...

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