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  • Introducing Black Sage Incense Sticks from Soul Sticks Incense, a true aromatic delight for your senses. Handcrafted in Bangalore, India, these incense sticks bring the essence of ancient traditions to your home.

    🌿 Organic Herbal Blend: Our incense is a harmonious fusion of herbs and flowers, following age-old Ayurvedic recipes. It’s a soul-soothing blend of over 38 Himalayan herbs and spices.

    🌸 Masala Preparation: To create these natural organic incense sticks, we expertly press and handroll the herbal blend into a masala preparation, ensuring a unique and fragrant experience.

    📦 Box Contents: Each box of Black Sage Incense Sticks contains approximately 15 grams of these delightful sticks. You’ll find 10 to 15 sticks in every box, making it a generous addition to your spiritual collection.

    ✨ Superior Quality: Black Sage Incense Sticks are crafted from the finest ingredients and presented in sturdy packaging. The incense sticks themselves boast excellent card stock, ensuring a long-lasting and aromatic experience.

    Elevate your spiritual journey and create a serene atmosphere with Black Sage Incense Sticks from Soul Sticks Incense. Bring the sacred traditions of India into your home with every fragrant waft.

    Weight30 g
    Dimensions22 × 4 × 2 cm


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    Black Sage Incense Sticks - top view of two boxes Black Sage Incense Sticks

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