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  • Candy Skull Carved Wooden Keepsake Box

    When people think of the skull, it’s closely associated with death and dying. The negative imagery has been used throughout time. However, the skull has alternative meanings in other cultures where the dead are more revered than other cultures. The candy skull (also known as the sugar skull) are an integral part of Latin and Mexican culture. The Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos, is the day after Halloween. This is the day the dead are honoured. The skulls happen to be representations of the dead family and friends that have come back on this special day so people can show their reverence. This day coincides with All Saint’s Day, which is a Catholic holiday. All Saint’s Day was an inspiration to the Day of the Dead where traditions were combined to honour the dead.

    More specifically, people celebrating this day believe that at midnight on October 31st, the gates of heaven open wide and all the spirits of the children that have passed are able to reunite with family members for the next 24 hours. The very next day, on November 2nd, the adults are able to join the party.

    Because the natives that celebrate this special day believe these festivities will provide them good luck and protection, they spend a great deal of their money preparing for the day. In most villages, the locals will build altars (ofrendas) in their homes for the visiting spirits. On these altars the people will put food, sweets, soda and toys for the children that visit. The next day they will add shots of booze and cigarettes for the adult spirits that will come. The idea is to have plenty of refreshments for these souls as they have travelled far to visit their relatives. They’ll top off the altar with candy skulls as decoration.

    The skulls in the Day of the Dead festival symbolize ancestors and family members that have died and returned on this special day. The candy skull (also known as the Calavera) is created from sugar and can be eaten. They are also made of clay and beautifully decorated. You’ll notice the decorations on the candy skulls are vibrant and colourful. They represent the vibrant lives of ancestors passed.

    On November 2nd, the people celebrating the Day of the Dead go to the cemetery to celebrate their lost loved ones. They use this time to leave flowers, clean up the grave site, play cards and reminisce about their loved ones.

    Mexicans hold high regard to sugar skull meaning, to the point that they sometimes take the concept beyond Día de los Muertos. By recognizing the meaning of the sugar skull, you can easily see that this tradition goes beyond just decorating a skull made of sugar.

    Candy Skull Carved Wooden Keepsake Box, 18x13cm

    Weight500 g
    Dimensions19 × 13 × 7 cm


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