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  • Introducing the Color Meditation Oracle Cards by Silvana Alasia – a transformative set of thirty-six cards crafted to elevate your meditation practice and harness the profound power of colors. Designed with exquisite Sanskrit lettering and captivating abstract watercolor paintings, this deck creates a serene atmosphere, allowing you to delve deeper into your meditations and discover inner harmony.

    Step into a world of tranquility and mindfulness as each card showcases stunning abstract watercolor paintings, thoughtfully chosen to resonate with the essence of your being. These cards go beyond mere art; they serve as gateways to unlock your inner potential and connect you with the energy of colors.

    Perfect for practitioners of all levels, the Color Meditation Oracle Cards offer a unique and enlightening experience, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and heightened awareness. Let the colors wash over you and explore the rich tapestry of emotions and aspirations that lie within.

    Enhancing your meditation sessions is effortless with the intuitive guidance provided by these cards. Immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of each color as you integrate their energies into your practice, amplifying your connection with your inner self.

    Accompanying the deck is a comprehensive and insightful booklet, penned by Silvana Alasia herself, offering gentle guidance and reflections. With the wisdom shared within its pages, you can dive deeper into the language of colors, unlocking the secrets of the universe and finding peace within.

    Embrace the transformative journey of the Color Meditation Oracle Cards, where mindfulness meets artistic expression. Unleash the power of colors and embark on a soul-enriching ritual of self-exploration. Elevate your meditation practice and experience a profound connection with your inner world like never before.

    Allow the Color Meditation Oracle Cards to be your trusted companions on this voyage of self-discovery. Enrich your meditative experience and unlock the full spectrum of your consciousness. With every card drawn, the beauty and wisdom of colors will unveil a path of serenity and enlightenment.

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    Lo Scarabeo


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    Color Meditation Oracle Cards by Silvana Alasia - Front Cover Color Meditation Oracle Cards

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