Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years to attract love, promote luck, banish evil, ensure protection and restore health.

Now you can learn how to easily access the power of Crystals too.

CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS explores your favourite Crystals and the potential they hold to change your life.

Furthermore, CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS provides you with hundreds of techniques on how to apply and use your Crystals within your life.

Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs of every crystal, this book is essential for both the crystal novice and expert, providing new and extensive information to expand your knowledge.

Unveil new ways to use common Crystals and the magic that lies within newly discovered and rare gems. Discover new ways to harness the teachings of your animal guides, the healings of plants and the influence of astrology to deepen your relationship with the Crystals you love.

The time has come for you to take the next step to advance your own crystal connections.

With an extra 48 pages, Crystal Connections book retains the same format with all the same great information. However, it now contains new Crystals such as

  • Azurite-Malachite,
  • Gem Silica,
  • Mookaite,
  • Starstone
  • and Stichtite

as well as expanded chapters for

  • Amazonite,
  • Bloodstone,
  • Chrysocolla,
  • Chrysoprase,
  • Green Tourmaline,
  • Heliodor,
  • Herkimer Diamond,
  • Howlite,
  • Jade,
  • Larimar,
  • Moonstone,
  • Morganite,
  • Pink Tourmaline,
  • Royal Aura Quartz,
  • Rhodonite,
  • Serpentine,
  • Shungite,
  • Super Quartz,
  • Tanzanite
  • and Tiger’s Eye.
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Crystal connections-A guide to Crystals and how to use them by Adam Barralet Crystal connections-A guide to...

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