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  • Welcome, dear seeker, to the mystical realms of the Crystal Mandala Writing Journal by Alana Fairchild. This enchanted journal beckons you into a sacred space where words dance like crystals and dreams take flight on premium wood-free paper. With 220 pages, it cradles your thoughts in a delicate balance of lined and unlined canvases, inviting the full spectrum of your self-expression.

    Embark on a journey of inspiration as over 140 pages whisper profound quotes and messages, guiding your pen in the dance of creation. The journal unveils 44 breathtaking full-page colour illustrations, each a portal to creative depths. This sacred grimoire transcends the ordinary, offering a haven for your musings, doodles, paintings, and drawings.

    Product Highlights:

    • 220 pages of premium wood-free paper
    • Combination of lined and unlined pages
    • 140+ pages feature inspirational quotes
    • 44 full-page colour illustrations
    • Deluxe soft cover for a tactile experience
    • Your gateway to self-discovery and creative expression

    Let the Crystal Mandala Writing Journal be your companion on this odyssey of self-discovery. Unleash the magic within, and let your soul’s whispers be captured in the pages of this extraordinary journal.

    Weight630 g
    Dimensions24 × 18 × 2 cm
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    Blue Angel


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