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  • Introducing the captivating Dark Fairytale Tarot Cards, an exquisite creation by the renowned artist Raffaele De Angelis. Embark on an enthralling journey into a realm where the mystical and the macabre intertwine, where seduction meets the uncanny, and where the fairy realm reveals its alluring secrets.

    Prepare to be utterly enchanted as you delve into the depths of emotion with these gorgeously rendered tarot cards. Each card pulsates with raw emotion, drawing you into a world of profound meaning and symbolism. Love, pain, hope, fear, and desire come to life in a way that will both captivate and resonate with you on a profound level.

    As you shuffle the cards and lay out your spread, you’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn into a dreamy, twilight world where mortal and magical collide. But beware, for in this realm, temptations and trials await. The Dark Fairytale Tarot Cards beckon you to confront your innermost desires and fears, guiding you through a journey that’s as treacherous as it is rewarding.

    With each draw, you’ll embark on an illuminating adventure, unraveling the threads of fate that bind you. As the cards unveil their mysteries, you’ll uncover not only the hidden recesses of your heart but also the true wellsprings of your strength and motivation. This is a deck that doesn’t just predict the future – it helps you shape it by revealing your inner truths.

    Let the mesmerising artwork and evocative symbolism of the Dark Fairytale Tarot Cards guide you through the labyrinth of your own psyche. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot practitioner or a newcomer to the realm of divination, these cards offer a unique and profound way to explore the complexities of the human experience.

    Dive into the depths of the Dark Fairytale Tarot and let its haunting beauty and profound insights transform your readings into captivating sagas. With Raffaele De Angelis’ masterful artistry and your own willingness to confront the shadows and embrace the light, this enchanting tarot deck will become an indispensable tool on your journey of self-discovery.

    Weight280 g
    Dimensions13 × 7 × 3 cm
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    Folklore, Fairytales, Fantasy


    Lo Scarabeo


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    Dark Fairytale Tarot Cards by Lo Scarabeo and Raffaele De Angelis - Front Cover Dark Fairytale Tarot Cards

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