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  • Dark Light Oracle Cards by Alexandra V. Bach & Carole-Anne Eschenazi – The Path to Light Lies Through the Darkest Shadows

    All of us are made of both shadows and light. Sometimes we are pulled toward the heavens, sometimes toward the abyss.

    These cards help us find treasures among the miraculous mix of joys and tears, hopes and fears, enthusiasm and melancholy that enriches our soul.

    It explores the place where suffering is sublimated, darkness is illuminated, and shadows ultimately lead to an enlightened path.

    The 40 guides beckon you to the crossroads of past and present experiences with messages of healing and lessons of growth.

    The Dark Light Oracle Cards invite you to begin a fantastic quest where you will dive into yourself in order to find your inner resources and your most precious treasures.

    You will learn to tame your own demons and overcome everything that may be blocking you from the inside.

    Do not be afraid of darkness anymore for you are not alone: each card of this deck will be a true friend, always there for you, revealing guiding messages and spiritual teachings.

    Includes 40 cards and 76-page guidebook



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    Dimensions13 × 9 × 3 cm

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    Dark Light Oracle Cards by Alexandra V Bach - Front Cover Dark Light Oracle Cards

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