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  • Introducing the Divine Energy Wellness Kit – your ultimate companion to elevate your spiritual journey and foster a harmonious environment. This meticulously curated boxed set brings together powerful tools and crystals to cleanse, purify, and amplify positive energies in your life.

    Inside this enchanting kit, you will find:

    1. Abalone Shell: A sacred vessel for burning sage or palo santo, the abalone shell embodies the ocean’s soothing energy, creating a serene atmosphere for your spiritual practices.
    2. Palo Santo Stick: Derived from the sacred “Holy Wood,” Palo Santo’s aromatic fragrance will uplift your senses and help dispel negative energies, leaving you with a sense of tranquility and clarity.
    3. Selenite Crystal Wand: Known as the “liquid light” crystal, Selenite possesses high vibrational energy that can purify your aura and space, promoting mental clarity and spiritual connection.
    4. Cedar Smudge Wand: The earthy aroma of cedar has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to purify spaces, enhance meditation, and invite positivity into your life.
    5. 7 Crystals:
      • Yellow Calcite: The sunshine crystal, Yellow Calcite, radiates joy and optimism while promoting confidence and self-expression.
      • Carnelian: This vibrant crystal ignites passion, creativity, and courage, empowering you to take bold steps towards your dreams.
      • Aventurine: As the stone of luck and opportunity, Aventurine invites abundance and prosperity into your life, attracting positive energies.
      • Red Jasper: Grounding and nurturing, Red Jasper anchors you to the present moment and offers stability during times of stress.
      • Green Howlite: A calming stone that eases anxiety and emotional tension, Green Howlite encourages emotional healing and growth.
      • Sodalite: Enhance your intuition and deepen your meditation practice with Sodalite’s wisdom and insight.
      • Amethyst: The master healer, Amethyst, promotes inner peace, spiritual awareness, and protection against negative energies.
    6. Bonus Black Velvet Bag: Safely store and carry your precious crystals with you wherever you go, keeping their energies close at hand.
    7. Rue Active Smudge charcoal discs

    Our lives can often become cluttered with stress, negative influences, and stagnant energies, hindering our personal growth and well-being. This comprehensive kit is designed to address these challenges, helping you to cleanse and rejuvenate your surroundings and energy field, promoting a sense of balance, serenity, and positive transformation.

    How the items work to help you:

    1. Smudging Ritual: The act of smudging with Palo Santo and Cedar can cleanse the space of negative energies and purify your surroundings, making room for positive intentions.
    2. Selenite Crystal Wand: By waving the Selenite wand around your body or space, you can clear away stagnant energies, creating a pristine environment for spiritual practices and personal growth.
    3. Crystal Energy: Each crystal in the kit holds unique properties that work in harmony with your intentions, enhancing your meditation, promoting emotional healing, and attracting abundance and positive energy.
    4. Portable Crystals: The included black velvet bag ensures that you can carry the crystals with you, allowing their beneficial energies to accompany you throughout your daily life.

    Embrace the Divine Energy Wellness Kit and take the first step towards manifesting a more balanced and spiritually enriched life.

    Unleash the power of these sacred tools and crystals to invite positivity, inspiration, and harmony into your existence.

    Elevate your energy, cleanse your space, and nurture your soul with this transformative kit today.

    Weight370 g
    Dimensions22 × 17 × 5 cm


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    Divine Energy Wellness Kit Divine Energy Wellness Kit

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