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  • The Earth Angels Message Cards assist you to reconnect to the natural world and the realms of the Elementals that guard the woodlands, rivers and mystical places.

    The cards will help and guide you to your true knowing, and step-by-step, they will reveal ancient soul knowledge to you, taking you on a journey of inner discovery and wonder.

    Each card has a positive affirmation guiding you towards the highest good, helping you to find answers to difficult situations or to lighten your thoughts and feelings.

    Take time to meditate with the card or cards you have picked for deeper insights. Keep the images in mind, and remember to use the affirmations throughout your day.

    The paintings and illustrations of the Earth Angels Message Cards will bypass the logical mind and reveal deeper knowledge, and let your heart open to creativity and love at a deeper spiritual level.

    About the Author: Amanda Clark is a world-renowned professional Artist and Illustrator living in England.

    Her inspiration comes from the natural world and she loves to wander in the woodland behind her home to gather ideas for her paintings.

    Amanda has a love for wildlife, the mystical and ancient ways, and for the magic of nature. All these things, as well as the reminiscence of the old Eastern European fairy tales, have worked their way in to influence these beautiful message cards – cards that will inspire and guide, and that you can cherish.



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