Handpainted one of a kind Mandala by Gypsy Moon. Giving these mandalas a name has been such a difficult thing to do. But as I sit here meditating over this particular piece, listening to Cat Stevens, “if you want to sing out” I see a tiny layer of what looks like pearls around the boarder of a golden ocean. So I finally decided to name this The Golden Ocean Pearl. Starting out I wasn’t too sure I actually liked how this piece was looking, but as it grew and came alive I really loved the colour combinations. The blues, white and gold really give it some depth whilst the small touches of green and pink give it a little pop. Then to top it off there is a layer of glitter paint scattered over some of the dots so as you turn it or walk past it you catch the sparkle of the ocean. Hang it on the wall where you can see it everyday or alternatively take off the wall hook and use it as a serving tray or center piece. However you choose to use it, make sure you take time out of your busy day to look at it and think about the ocean with its sun filled golden waves and hidden treasures that lay within it. Please note this item will take anything that is warm but not too hot. Specifications:145 x 120cm Wooden Board. Acrylic, 3D and glitter paint. Top coat of Liquid Gloss (ultra high gloss epoxy resin)

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 145 × 120 × 2 cm
blank Golden Ocean Pearl Handpainted...

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