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  • Introducing the enigmatic “Gray Witch Apothecary Bottles” – a bewitching creation crafted exclusively for the enchanting souls of Gypsy Moon. Step into a realm of mystical energy and embrace the power of magic with these spell bottles, housed within alluring black glass vessels. Prepare to embark on a journey of prosperity, love, or psychic protection as you choose from our captivating trinity.

    Each bottle brims with a potent concoction of meticulously selected herbs and dazzling crystals, harmoniously blended to channel the very essence of their desired intention. As you hold these vessels of enchantment, you’ll find an ingredient list, unveiling the secrets of their mystical potency. And that’s not all – discover a hidden treasure, a spell scroll, attached to each bottle, unfurling an ancient wisdom and guiding your intentions towards fruition.

    But wait, there’s an enchanting surprise waiting for you! Adorning each bottle is a smaller vial, suspended gracefully around its neck, adorned with glistening crystals and other intricate objects. These ethereal talismans, carefully selected and charged with the energies of the cosmos, serve as a potent reminder of the magic contained within.

    Unique and exclusive, the Gray Witch Apothecary Bottles can only be found within the mystical realm of Gypsy Moon. Weaving together tradition, intuition, and a touch of the unknown, these spell bottles embody the essence of the gray witch’s craft, offering a gateway to realms yet unexplored.

    Unlock the secrets of prosperity, find solace in the embrace of love, or shield your innermost being with psychic protection.

    Embrace the shadows and harness the elements as you immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Gray Witch Apothecary Bottles. Embrace the power, dance with destiny, and watch as the threads of magic weave themselves into your life.

    Remember, fellow witch, these enchanted vessels are a limited offering. Step boldly and secure your Gray Witch Apothecary Bottle today, for it is through us that these treasures can be claimed. Unleash the powers that lie dormant within you and awaken the ancient magic that awaits your beckoning call. Let the witch’s banter guide you, for you are destined to become a force of enchantment and wielder of spells.

    Please note: These bottles are made to order, so if you want them for a certain date you will need to order in advance. They could take up to a week to get ready. While the herb blends of each bottle will stay the same everything else may change, but will be just a awesome. If there is a certain creation that you would like that we don’t have here please specify in the customer notes at checkout. Other options could be: Grief Healing, or Hex Breaking, however if there is something not listed here that you desire please let us know. We will do what we can to get it done.

    Blessed Be

    Herb Mixes

    Prosperity, Love, Psychic Protection


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    Gray Witch Apothecary Bottles - Front Cover Gray Witch Apothecary Bottles

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