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  • The Green Oracle Cards and Guidebook by Ricardo Minetti and Franco Rivolli.

    The living world we live in, is a delicate balance of energies, between what is natural and what is man-made.

    An equilibrium that starts in our daily life, with small things.

    Not just to save the planet, but to recover that spiritual connection to harmony and life all humans deeply need to live blessedly.

    These cards are meant to work inside your personal space and to empower your personal experience in connecting with nature and life.

    So, these cards don’t really want to be “lessons.” They are seeds and they are around us.

    The Green Oracle Cards and Guidebook work on three general concepts:

    1. The first is that our connection with nature and with life is spiritual. If we sever or demean that connection in our daily life, our spirit will suffer. However, if we find a way, compatible with the modern world, to nourish that connection, we will benefit not just in the body, but in the soul.
    2. The second is that we don’t need big things to change ourselves, what is around us, and the world. We just need small things. Like a seed, everything we do to ourselves, no matter how small, has the potential to grow.
    3. Thirdly, we are all connected. Deep down, we know it. If we hurt the world, we will hurt oursleves. But if we heal the world, we will heal ourselves. And we all need healing. We need faith. We need Hope. We need Love.


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