The energy of this book is electric!

Rita’s style of writing is so inviting and friendly, you actually feel like you are listening to an old friend excitedly rave on about everything she’s passionate about!

Simply written and completely witty, Hippies in the City inspires you to learn more about how to balance your lifestyle through food, Aromatherapy and natural, wholesome practices.

Hippies in the City is so much more than just an enthusiastic exploration of hippy hang outs, hippy advice and hippy rituals – it’s a guidebook written for anyone who feels the need for a change.

The second you open this book, the playful energy and easy-to-follow ‘hippy rules and regulations’ jump out of the page and encourage you to read on. Before you know it, you’re invited to ‘activate your nuts!’

It’s this type of silly names and titles paired with informative advice that makes you realise Rita’s personality is actually infused into these pages.

What’s most encouraging about this book is the absolute love and adoration Rita expresses for food. She wholly believes in thinking organic, local and 100% natural. For Rita, food is real, it’s necessary and it should taste amazing …and we can testify that the recipes in this book are so delicious!

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Hippies in the City-A Guide to Natural Urban Living by Rita Balshaw Hippies in the City

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