In Focus Palmistry by Roberta Vernon

From analysing palms, fingers, fingerprints, mounts, and nails, find the hidden strengths and weaknesses within yourself and others.

From the life line to the heart line, In Focus Palmistry gives a comprehensive review of what our hands are telling us – if we know how to interpret them.

With practice, and with Palmistry in hand, readers will be able to decipher the following areas: Love and relationships; Sexuality; Money; Business; Career; Aptitudes and talents; Successes and failures; Parents and in-laws; Children; Other people of influence; Home and property matters; Health; Travel; Pets

Also included is an 18×24 inch wall chart that contains the key information needed when interpreting palms, so readers have a quick, go-to reference at hand.

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Weight 555 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 15.5 × 2 cm


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In Focus Palmistry: Your Personal Guide by Roberta Vernon In Focus Palmistry by Roberta ...

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