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  • Kuan Yin Oracle Journal by Alana Fairchild


    This deluxe illustrated book/journal by renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author Alana Fairchild is your key to connecting and working with the energy of Kuan Yin, the beautiful sacred rebel of the East. A bodhisattva of the Tibetan tradition, Kuan Yin loves all of humanity and reaches out to offer healing, guidance, compassion and unconditional divine love to help every heart become free from fear and open to love.

    This oracle-journal is filled with the teachings of Kuan Yin to help you nurture your connection to this extraordinary Buddhist goddess. The 44 exquisite art reproductions of Zeng Hao interspersed throughout offer powerful visual depictions of Kuan Yin to help you tap into her sacred healing energy and explore her teachings through writing.

    Kuan Yin is reaching out to you. She has heard your heart. She brings you comfort and a message to trust that she is already working with you to bring healing and grace into your world.

    One of her most empowering messages is to let go of striving and forcing, and simply trust your intention is powerful enough to set you Universe into motion! Your heart-felt prayer and desire is enough. Allow yourself to be moved, inspired, and trust that the Universe knows what its’s doing. Do what you can in whatever situation you find yourself in. Don’t fight or resist it. Be graceful and surrender into it. No matter what it looks like, you are being led to your higher destiny and you don’t have to worry about the details.

    The Divine Mother, Kuan Yin, is an intuitive, attentive and intelligent spiritual tour guide, helping you avoid pitfalls and hidden traps, and directing you along the most beautiful scenic route. In true Kuan Yin style, this also happens to be the most efficient and effective way to manifest your heart’s desire. When you trust in the Universe – and the Divine Mother – in this way, you are allowing a great and benevolent creative power to amplify what is in your heart, to attract what you need and to show you possibilities even more beautiful than what you can currently imagine.

    The Kuan Yin Oracle Journal Features cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages so you can write, doodle, paint or draw. 220 pages. ”


    Weight650 g
    Dimensions24 × 19 × 3 cm


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