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  • Love Your Inner Goddess Journal by Alana Fairchild

    When we decide to love our inner goddess, we are choosing to live a truthful, creative and authentic life. We are deciding to love according to the wisdom of our hearts, rather than through the fear and judgement of our minds or of society at large. We are choosing to live from trust, even when things feel challenging or uncertain – and, they will feel that way now and then!

    The sacred feminine is not afraid to lead us through the dark if that is what it takes for us to realise we have the strength and inner talents needed to fulfil our divine destiny.

    Loving our inner goddess means listening to, trusting and acting on the kickass wisdom that comes from within irrespective of what anyone else may feel about it.

    The inner goddess has a light and a dark face. Her light teaches us to create and experience joy, happiness, love, peace, and freedom. She urges us to express ourselves, to have fun, to enjoy life and to celebrate all that we are given. She brings blessings and abundance, makes clear our self-worth and teaches us that taking pleasure in life can be a sacred act of devotion and gratitude.

    The shadow of the goddess urges us to confront our fears – to enter willingly into the challenges we probably wish didn’t exist at all! She urges us to have faith in our courage and ability to move through the darker times. She is an ally in times of adversity.

    This deluxe soft cover Love Your Inner Goddess Journal features 220 pages of cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages to accommodate all facets of your self-expression you may like to write, doodle, paint or draw.

    Over 140 of the pages feature an inspirational quote or message and the journals also include 44 full colour artwork reproductions to inspire your creative expression.

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    Weight630 g
    Dimensions24 × 19 × 3 cm


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