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  • Welcome to the Luminous Humanness Oracle Cards by Kelly Sullivan Walden, a transformative tool for exploring your innermost self and cultivating personal growth.

    The stunning artwork and profound messages on each card are carefully crafted to help you tap into your intuition and connect with your deepest truths.

    With 50 cards representing different aspects of the human experience, these cards offer guidance and insight on a variety of topics, including:

    • Emotions: Learn how to navigate and process complex feelings with greater ease and clarity.
    • Relationships: Discover new perspectives on your relationships and explore ways to cultivate deeper connections with others.
    • Spirituality: Connect with your innermost self and explore your spiritual path with greater clarity and purpose.
    • Personal growth: Identify areas for growth and discover practical ways to move forward on your journey.

    Using the Luminous Humanness Oracle Cards is simple and intuitive. Just shuffle the deck and draw a card at random, or use one of the suggested spreads included in the guidebook.

    The guidebook offers detailed explanations of each card’s meaning, as well as suggestions for how to interpret and apply the messages to your life.

    But these cards are more than just a tool for divination – they are a powerful ally for anyone seeking to cultivate greater self-awareness, empathy, and compassion. With their beautiful imagery and profound messages, the Luminous Humanness Oracle Cards offer a safe and supportive space for exploring the complexities of the human experience.

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    Self Help, Self Discovery, Intuition, Inner Self


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