Miniature Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentacle

The cauldron was once used to create magic, for divination, and for the mixing of tinctures and potions. While still used in rituals today, it is more as a representation than a tool itself.

In traditional times, a cauldron was made from cast iron and rests on three legs. Though it is rarely used in the industrialized world, it is still used in the western countries as a tool for witchcraft.

The Cast Iron Cauldron and Wicca

  • The Wiccans still use the cauldron on a regular basis where it is placed in a ritual circle or a sacred place and items of the ritual are burnt in it.
  • It is used to hold the ingredients which are to be used in an incantation or spell, for scrying in water.
  • It is also used as a container for brewing and making potions or as a container where germination, transmutation, and transformation occurs.
  • It is also used to symbolize the womb of the goddess and of rebirth as the Celtics used it in their religion, thus making it a sacred vessel to the goddess.

This mini cauldron is an ideal vessel for burning loose sage or resins. I use my Miniature Cast Iron Cauldron to sage my surroundings and then put the lid on for easy extinguishing.

7cm width of opening

Weight 780 g
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 8 cm


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miniature cast iron cauldron Miniature Cast Iron Cauldron

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