Moon and Star Wooden Keepsake Box

Some nights, when the moon is large and full, we marvel at its grandeur.

Other nights, it seems small and inconspicuous, but one thing we are always aware of is that it is ever-changing, growing from a thin sliver to a round, glowing orb and then slowly fading back again to nothing.

In this subtle way, it reminds us that all things on Earth have a natural cycle. Water evaporates from the ocean and falls down again as rain. Fruit falls from a tree, carrying a seed that grows into a new tree.

We are born, mature into adults, age and eventually die, but our children are there to start the cycle over again. Some people believe that the “rebirth” of the moon hints at the renewal of the soul through reincarnation.

Keep all your valuables safe in this beautiful Moon and Star Wooden Keepsake box. Ideal for your crystals or your favourite deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards.


Weight 600 g
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 9 cm


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moon and star wooden box Moon and Star Wooden Keepsake ...

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