Nature’s Whispers Writing and Creativity Journal by Angela Hartfield

Plant the seeds of your future creations with this deluxe paperback journal. With premium quality, cream-colored, wood-free paper and a combination of lined and unlined pages, this journal is designed to be a sacred space for all facets of your self-expression.

This Nature’s Whispers Writing and Creativity Journal is your safe place. This is a place where you may focus your thoughts, feelings, wishes, and desires through writing. You can set goals, dream dreams or reminisce. You may even like to write down ideas that you have, places you have been, people you are spending time with or phrases than inspire you. You might like to find a wonderful place outdoors where you can write your heart’s desires. If you aren’t able to go outside, perhaps you have a window that overlooks a favourite part of your garden or has a beautiful view of the outdoors.

There are no rules. You can write in full sentences. Or maybe you prefer bullet points. This is your journal and it’s up to you to decide what you want it to look like. The purpose of your journal is fluid and ever-evolving – think of it as an extension of you that may grow and change with you, your moods and your aspirations.

You can write, sketch, draw, doodle, and use your imagination.

You may wish to use this journal to connect to your intuition or receive support from your guides or higher self. Reflect on the artwork and pay attention to any feelings that arise in you. Write them down. As you practice this, you may find you begin to receive deeper messages, insights or epiphanies about whatever it is that is currently occupying your thoughts.

Trust yourself and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow into this Journal. Have a blessed experience! – Angela Hartfield

44 full-page colour art reproductions by popular artist Josephine Wall are interspersed throughout the journal for additional inspiration.

Deluxe paperback journal with 220 pages.

Weight 640 g
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 3 cm


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