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  • Night Sun Tarot New Edition by Fabio Listrani

    The Arcana that make up the Night Sun Tarot follow two fundamental streams to make this path of revelation through images more functional.

    The first stream is research. It exploits symbolic representations that draw inspiration from different cultures – both Oriental and Western – from Tribalism’s, Goetia or sacred geometrics, in a discourse of absolute cultural nomadism, aimed at finding the most efficient image that is also in harmony with the significance of each Arcanum.

    The second stream is holistic/organicistic. Like in a system made up of a Sun and some planets that orbit around it in a strict relationship of equilibrium, here the Arcana are considered as a whole, strictly linked and in communication with each other.

    This is the reason why, for example, the egg we find the High Priestess Gestating is then found open on the Empress’s gown and at its height of development on the Emperor’s arm. For this reason the Grim Reaper (also called the “Nameless Arcanum”) recalls the mirrored reflection of the Fool’s wand like an echo that shares the same elementary energy.

    78 Tarot Cards with instruction pocket size.

    Weight185 g
    Dimensions9 × 6 × 3.5 cm


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