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  • Oracle Cards | Egyptian Gods Oracle Cards by Silvana Alasia

    The kingdom of heaven is within us, and whoever knows himself/herself will find it.

    This box contains a deck of 36 cards with the most important and significant Egyptian deities. Each portrait card has been painted directly on original papyrus paper, produced with the ancient Egyptian drying method.

    They are particularly powerful cards because they have the power to communicate directly with the interlocutor.

    Each god or goddess depicted on the cards bears a very precise message:

    • Wisdom
    • warning of danger
    • advice
    • protection

    and helps us to rediscover our roots in the past, give meaning to our present and a structure for our future.

    It must be said, however, that the Egyptian Gods Oracle Cards can only help those who know themselves, their own fears, limitations and abilities. Only those who are willing to take responsibility because “everyone is the architect of their own destiny”.

    Weight290 g
    Dimensions14 × 10 × 3 cm

    1 review for Oracle Cards | Egyptian Gods Oracle Cards

    1. Frankie (verified owner)

      Beautiful deck!

      It comes in a solid two piece hard box with a ribbon for easy removal of the cards. The lid is decorated with gold accents and background black accents.

      There is a book with a little bit about each god/goddess and a card meaning. (I’ve gotten more out of looking up the subject of each card on the internet, but it is a good start) There are three Egyptian themed spreads as well. The size of the book is a bit deceiving as it contains multiple languages, English is page 5-48 out of a 128 page book. However, it’s still an upgrade on the normal Lo Scarabeo little white book!

      It seems, so far, that the meanings are quite versatile and should satisfy day to day questions. I have found that some decks are quite specific and aren’t suitable for frequent all encompassing questions. Luckily this doesn’t appear to be one of those!

      The cards themselves are beautiful. I really enjoy the papyrus look with each card being a bit differently coloured in the background. The backs are reversible. There is a shiny coating which makes it easy for the cards to glide past each other. The cardstock is a wee bit thin. Not the worst by far, but I would’ve enjoyed just a teensy bit thicker, there are only 36 cards so the cards being a bit thicker wouldn’t be too unwieldy. The overall size is quite nice.

      I look forward to getting to know this deck better.

      I would give this deck 4-4.5 stars, the only downfall really is the slightly flimsy cardstock.

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