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  • Phantasma Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Paulina Fae

    Welcome to the Phantasma Tarot. Phantasma itself means daydream, fantasy, or magical vision. It is also the name of a world of supernatural beings in which you’ll find so many kindred spirits at the ready to welcome you here, most of whom I’ve but recently discovered as well.

    Crafted over a four-year time span, Phantasma is my fourth tarot deck. It really has been an exciting journey watching the deck’s heart and soul take the lead as it unveiled its personality. As the cards were painted and the messages penned, I felt like a traveller documenting their secret haunts and special playgrounds.

    Within the world of Phantasma Tarot, may you discover new pathways, new powers, and new paradigms applicable in all that you do. Wi9shing you much health, happiness and abundance.

    As in many traditional tarot decks the four suits of the minor arcana correlate to the elements and the four areas of human experiences

    • Wands – Fire (action)
    • Cups – Water (emotional)
    • Swords – Air (intellect)
    • Pentacles – Earth (physical)

    The Phantasma Tarot Deck and  guidebook shares their messages and life lessons, as well as instructions for two Phantasma Tarot Spreads.

    Weight390 g
    Dimensions15 × 9 × 5 cm


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