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Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful energy tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions. At the most basic level, a crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a specific layout, designed for a specific intention. When it comes to defining what is a crystal grid and what isn’t, the key is to understand how and why the crystals are placed the way they are. If a group of crystals are set up thoughtfully and intentionally together, that could be considered a grid. If they are simply placed near each other without a purpose or goal, that might not necessarily be a grid. 

How to use a crystal grid depends on what your goal or intention is, as each grid can be designed for a different purpose or goal. Whatever your goal may be, you can create a powerful combination of crystals into a grid to hold your intention and manifest it.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making A Crystal Grid:

  1. The first step to making a crystal grid layout is deciding what goal or intention you want to manifest. Do you want to bring more abundance into your life? Do you want to maintain your health and wellness? Do you need to boost your creativity? Are you looking to attract love and partnership? You can truly create a crystal grid to manifest any goal. When choosing your intention, be as specific as you can, as this will determine which healing stones you choose as part of your grid.
  2. Choose crystals and stones that are aligned with your intention and that will enhance it. For example: if you are looking to create an abundance grid, you want to stick with the green and gold abundance crystals, such as AventurineCitrinePyrite. If you are creating a health and wellness grid, you want to use the blue and purple healing stones like FluoriteSodaliteAngelite etc. For love grids, pink and green heart chakra stones are best. That being said, there are no right and wrong stones to use, so choose the ones that you are the most attracted to. Trust your intuition! 
  3. Before setting up your grid, cleanse your space by using White Sage or Palo Santo to clear the energy of your space.
  4. Write your intention on a piece of paper. Then fold your written intention and place it in the centre of your grid.
  5. Breathe deeply and state your intention aloud, or visualize it in your mind.
  6. Set up the surrounding stones in your grid layout. Start from the exterior and move towards the centre. As you are placing each stone into your grid, make sure you keep your intention in mind.
  7. Place your centre crystal on top of your written intention.
  8. Next, activate the grid. Take a quartz crystal point (it can be small or large), and starting from the outside, draw an invisible line between each stone to energetically connect each to the next. Think about it like “connecting the dots” when you were a kid.

After following these steps, your crystal grid is activated and ready to go! To enhance your grid even more, you can add images, words, or other healing crystals and energy tools around your grid. You can light a candle to ignite your intention, as well. For the best results, we recommend leaving crystal grids up for 21 days or 40 days.

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 2 cm
Wooden Grid Board

Mandala, Geometric


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