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  • Reading Fortune Telling Cards by Fabio Vinago

    The deck combines traditional card inserts with unique symbolic images to give profoundly insightful readings.

    The comprehensive book traces the fascinating history of the Romani cartomancy tradition. Detailed instructions are given for reading and understanding each individual card as well as card combination spreads.

    “Zigeuner” cards or Gypsy* cards, all belong to the same family, but the Gypsy cards have a very old history and in no way are comparable to any other divination methods. The typical Gypsy cards are the only cards that are depicted with the inserts of the 52 regular playing cards in combination with 52 different images.

    This combination cannot be found in any other other divination system. The Romani have given it their own unique meaning. They are proud people who want to distinguish themselves and this also applies to their divination techniques, which differ considerably from the Lenormand method.

    The only resemblance that their technique bears to the classical Lenormand method is the essence, namely the combination of suits and card images and the placement of the cards: are they positioned to the left or right, above or below, far away or close in relation to the person card?

    Certain card images, suits or positions have a positive meaning in one method and a negative meaning in the other or vice versa. The basic meanings within a method are always maintained, but the additional meanings that you wish to add will entirely depend on personal view points and intuition. You should see card reading as something that widens your horizon as well as the Querent’s.

    Together the deck and book provide an excellent introductory course on reading fortune telling cards.


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