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  • Introducing our enchanting “Selenite Crescent Moon Collection” – a celestial harmony of energies in a beautifully crafted set. Elevate your space with this curated collection of four exquisite crystals:

    1. Howlite: Experience tranquility and clear communication as Howlite enhances your surroundings.
    2. Clear Quartz: Amplify your intentions and achieve unparalleled thought clarity with this powerful crystal.
    3. Black Obsidian: Form a protective shield against negativity, fostering mental clarity and emotional release.
    4. Rainbow Moonstone: Navigate new beginnings with inner growth, calmness, and heightened intuition.

    The set is elegantly presented in a Selenite Crescent Moon Bowl, radiating mental clarity and truth. Bring positive vibrations into your life with the Lunar Serenity Crystals. Perfect for both seasoned crystal enthusiasts and those new to the crystal journey.

    Enhance your space and energy with the Selenite Crescent Moon Collection today. Embrace the magic of these celestial companions and invite serenity into your life.

    Selenite bowl is 14x9cm. Crystals may vary from the photos in size and colour, but we make every effort to get them as accurate as possible.

    Weight600 g

    Howlite, Moonstone, Obsidian – Apache Tears, Black, Rainbow, Snowflake, Quartz, Selenite


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    Selenite Crescent Moon Collection Selenite Crescent Moon Collect...

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