StarDragons Oracle Cards by Paolo Barbieri

If everything in the entire universe, both seen and unseen, imagined and as yet unexplained, is just an extension of one unified field of consciousness, then can you call it your own? Invoke the power of shining stars and gargantuan Dragons as you traverse the galaxy, entering a fantastical space where all is possible. You are as mighty as these mystical creatures of fables and lore, remnants and spectres of a forgotten history lost in the sands of time. Dare to explore and find these mythic beasts once more and you may gain more than you bargained for! Seize the key to your true identity-as radiant as the souls of the stunning constellations of the cosmos. This is the StarDragons Fantasy Oracle!

These 33 cards invite you to call upon the energies embodied by constellations and fabled Dragons alike, welcoming that power into your life, so to help you obliterate obstacles, cross the finish line, obtain the answers to your deepest questions, find your strength, traverse a might trail, tell your story, and banish illusory concepts of weakness forevermore.

Invoke the essence of the larger energies and principles of consciousness as you apply universal archetypes in practical and everyday ways to empower and uplift your life, thoughts, and actions. Show your teeth, sharpen your claws, spread your wings, breathe fire, and fly high into the light of the brightest star! it is here in this fantastical world of power and wonders that you may harness what has been lost, relegated only to fables and lore. It is the truth of who you are-both a mighty Dragon and a star!

Book and 33 Oracle cards: A star in the sky, and a dragon in your heart: The artwork of Paolo Barbieri connects humanity to infinity.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 4 cm


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