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  • Tarot at the End of the Rainbow by Davide Corsi

    Davide Corsi’s new deck.

    Tarot at the End of the Rainbow is inspired by the British and Irish folk tales, it is a deck of fairies, brownies and pixies, but also a deck of rainbows and luck. Luck is for those who seek it, at the end of the rainbow, with clear spirit, pure intentions, and a little fate with fortune.

    Rainbows are universal symbols of cheer and wonder. Just look up into where one appears, and a warm feeling washes over you. Some cultures see rainbows as a symbol of creativity and hope. That when a rainbow appears after a big storm, everything will be okay. Others see the rainbow as a symbol for the diversity life displays. And then some believe that rainbows are a gateway to another place.

    Rainbow bridges are common in Norse and Celtic cultures. The Norse saw the rainbow as Bifrost, the bridge which connects our world and the world of the gods. However, in Celtic lore, rainbows contained riches at their end and led people to another place. And in this place, fairy creatures still exist.

    78 card deck with instruction book

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