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  • Tarot Cards | Jack-O’-Lantern Tarot

    The light of the Jack-O’-Lantern calls and beckons you forward, leading you into a new realm.

    Feel the crisp autumn air envelop you as it swirls and turns and whisks you away into a new dimension of self-realisation, self-knowledge, and greater insight.

    The season of the pumpkin is upon us! And you have been given a grand invitation to join the spirits who dance in the time when the veil is so thin that it is nearly invisible.

    What is the timeless feeling of November 1st?

    While the world turns, and turns to winter, the distance between the obvious and the sacred thins and fades.

    On All Hallows Eve, the boundary between the known and unknown, living and dead, body and spirit, falls away. And by the light of the Jack-O’-Lantern we are called to burst through and enter into a new realm-where anything and everything is possible.

    By the art of Giuliano Costa, a laughing and grinning macabre new deck of eternal wisdom and perilous delight, carrying the Halloween spirit fully into Tarot.

    78 Spooky and Magical Tarot Cards with instructions

    Weight240 g
    Dimensions13 × 7 × 3 cm


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    Tarot Cards | Jack-O'-Lantern Tarot Cards by Giulano Cost and Rachel Paul - Front Cover Tarot Cards | Jack-O’-La...

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