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  • Tarot Draconis by Davide Corsi

    A number of years after the first of the Dragons Tarot, Lo Scarabeo invited David Corsi (artist of the Vampire Tarot of Eternal Night, The Tarot of the Elves, and the Pictorial Key Tarot) to create a deck.

    Corsi knows how to embody the magic and the primitive purity of dragons. His work is the perfect marriage between the expressive and the epic grandeur of the classic fantasy style and the iconic power of the traditional Tarot.

    In ancient mythology Dragons are mostly the personification of an enormous obstacle to overcome so that shining, courageous, pure hero can obtain a treasure, a kingdom, or the hand of the imprisoned princess.

    Arising directly from the Primordial Chaos, the embodiment of man’s deepest fears, the Dragon becomes a symbol of primitive nature to be conquered and subjugated to the will of civilisation.

    But is this the true essence of the Dragon? A totally and absolute destructive will? Or do we find ourselves facing an archetype so powerful and ancient as to be a mirror, reflecting all our fears and destructiveness?

    Indeed , ancient tradition is brimming with cultures where Dragons are envisioned as symbols of wisdom and good luck, like in China, where flying dragons are the steeds of the Immortals and transport them in their celestial realms.

    The world of the Tarot Draconis by Davide Corsi paints a mythical past of Humanity, dating back to before History as we know it, a world where heroes in armour achieve their destiny by fighting epic battles to conquer kingdoms and where the skies are obscured by the passage of Dragons.

    Represented in their symbolic truthfulness, the Dragons of the Tarot Draconis are a breed of majestic and spiritual creatures that have patiently awaited the advent of the Human Being and now assume the role of guides, inspirers, and teachers.

    Impressive, enigmatic and powerful, pure even in their devastating fury, they are the steadfast guardians of the treasures our Self keeps hidden, legacy of true heroes, or of all those who are able to face their fears, understand them, and accept them.

    A deck able to surprise and delight.


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    Tarot Draconis by Davide Corsi Tarot Draconis by Davide Corsi

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