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  • Tarot For All Ages Tarot Cards is one of the first tarot decks aimed at a younger audience.

    Tarot For All Ages contains 78 cards that work as a fully functional tarot deck, plus a booklet which explains the spiritual and intuitive power of the cards to help you conduct your own readings.
    Tarot is not just for grown-ups!

    Tarot cards have had a number of uses historically, including for card games, but today they are primarily used for seeking answers to questions, often as a quest for divine guidance or inspiration. Readers of all experience levels can experience the cards’ answer being given in an uncanny way, revealing something hidden but recognisable in a situation or thought process. Therein lies the significance of the Major (22) and Minor (56) Arcana cards, unearthing “secrets” buried in the deeper realms of consciousness and experience.

    UNIQUE: This tarot card deck is perfect for a younger or beginner audience to tarot readings. (Ages 11+)

    BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: 78 inspiringly illustrated cards and a spined summary booklet.

    FUN & COLOURFUL: Feast your eyes on the intricate details and design of each card. The child-friendly illustrations by the creative director of Illustoria magazine, Elizabeth Haidle.

    HIGHEST QUALITY: Includes a full colour booklet (with spine) explaining the cards and simple instructions for beginners on creating your own readings

    GIFTS: If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a beginner or inquisitive younger audience, the Tarot For All Ages is the ultimate gift for birthdays, Christmas and tarot lovers!

    About the Author

    Elizabeth Haidle is an illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She is the creative director for Illustoria magazine, as well as a collaborator at Mascot Press, an independent comics publisher.

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    Cards for Children and Teens, for all ages


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