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  • Beautiful to behold and sacred throughout time, flowers hold powerful nature magick, entwined with the rhythms of the Earth.

    Work with flowers to create your own powerful and divine spells for the change, support and inspiration you seek in life, love and happiness.

    Along with 60 sacred flower spells from Cheralyn Darcey’s personal nature grimoire, The Book of Flower Spells includes spell-casting and spell-crafting basics, information on magickal gardening and supply sourcing and includes dedicated lessons on how to write and cast your own spells.

    Dandelion Wishing Spell:

    Find and gather:

    • 11 organic Dandelion flowers, fresh or dried
    • boiling water
    • honey (optional)
    • lemon juice (optional)
    • a beautiful teapot and cup

    The Spell:

    Place your dandelion flowers into your teapot and say:

    Flowers of wishes, Flowers of light, Into the pot, may my wishes be right.

    Pour in the boiling water and say:

    Dance in the water, dance with delight. The person who drinks you has wishes in sight.

    Turn the teapot three times clockwise while saying your wish out loud and then pour your cup of tea and say:

    Now that I drink you, my wishes come true. Thank you sweet flower, for all that you do.

    Dandelion root can be ground and used as a healthy substitute for coffee. This hot brew is also said to increase your psychic powers!


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