The Box of Luck Fortune Cards – Attract greater fortune into your life!

  • Worried about an interview?
  • Want to ace a presentation?
  • Or perhaps you’ve got the jitters about a first date?

Let The Box of Luck Fortune Cards help you attract greater fortune and positive energy into your life with 60 good luck symbols from all around the world. Invite more luck into your life or gift good fortune to a friend with this beautifully packaged boxed set of cards, complete with booklet and poster.

Featuring 60 cards divided into six categories:

  • collect luck
  • live lucky
  • dress lucky
  • increase luck
  • inspire luck
  • two bad luck cards-to ward off ill fortune

Illustrations by Camilla Perkins, text by Grace Paul and Designs by Mylene Mozos

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 5 cm


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The Box of Luck Fortune Cards Front Cover The Box of Luck Fortune Cards

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