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  • The Crystal Fix Hardcover Book by Juliette Thornbury – Healing crystals for the modern home

    More and more people are falling for the beguiling beauty of crystals, enticed by both their aesthetic qualities and wellbeing potential.

    This gorgeous guide is the ultimate companion for the modern crystal collector, packed with inspirational photography, practical information and an easy-to-use directory with profiles of 50 key stones.

    Drawn deep from the earth, crystals connect us to the powerful energies of mother nature. From the healing quality of Turquoise to the soothing effects of Celestite, each stone has its own unique properties.

    The Crystal Fix Hardcover Book is your guide to unlocking these transformative energies and harnessing them to improve all aspects of life: From tackling insomnia to relieving anxiety and fostering creativity, crystals can energise, calm and inspire.

    Luminosity Crystals founder, Juliette Thornbury, provides all the information you need to source, care for, and display these beautiful stones in your home – as well as tips for taking stones on-the-go and wearing on the person.

    Discover why it is best not to place Garnet in your bedroom, why Amber is perfect for the sitting room, and how Jade can attract abundance into your home. With the aid of this essential guide, you will be able to fully realise the wellbeing potential of these powerful stones and create a beautiful, as well as empowering, home environment.

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