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  • The Dabblers Guide to Witchcraft Book by Fire Lyte – Seeking an intentional magical path!

    Challenge assumptions about witchcraft and paganism and learn how to craft your own magical path with this timely and entertaining exploration from the the host of the Inciting a Riot podcast.

    If you’ve ever wanted to burn your ex’s old stuff in a trash can while drinking wine with your friends under the light of the full moon, you already know that magic is an essential part of our human existence. But what is magic, anyway? Are witches even real? Can modern science and social conscience sit alongside a pursuit of magic? (Also….can we just make shit up?)

    As witchcraft gains popularity, people are asking questions about how to foster an informed and meaningful practice. Each chapter of The Dabblers Guide to Witchcraft Book asks you to think deeply and critically about different aspects of modern magical culture, all the while teaching you how to ask good questions and see good answers.

    Fire Lyte takes us on a thoughtful and compulsively readable journey, addressing topics such as:

    • The convergence of pop culture and witchcraft
    • How spirituality and science work together
    • The ethics of spiritual dabbling
    • Exactly where crystals come from and what they do
    • How to use what’s already in your kitchen to make effective magic


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