The Faerie Guidance Oracle by Polly Fae

Your guardian Faeries are moments away, assisting and inspiring you on your life path. Their wish is to help guide you in their ways of wisdom and enlightenment through these cards. They are eager to teach you how to pulsate with energy, health, happiness, and creativity. By taking advantage of the insight uncovered while using the Faerie Guidance Oracle, you are tapping into knowledge accessible to your higher self.

All that is required of you in using this deck is desire, openness, honesty, and focus. Guardian Faeries

This deck consists of only uplifting cards reflecting the genuine beauty of spirit within each of us. It is this spirit we learn to connect and keep in touch with in order to take control of our lives and enjoy adventures along the way.

When working with this deck, look beyond that which you first see, go deeper, and work with the essence of the facet before you. Apply that essence to your own unique being in resolving an issue, tuning your spirit, or simply continuing on your journey of self-discovery.

Includes 288 page book and 40 cards.




Weight 450 g
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 5 cm


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The Faerie Guidance Oracle by Polly Fae The Faerie Guidance Oracle by ...

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