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  • The Lantern Oracle Deck and Guidebook by Angelina Mirabito PHD

    This Oracle illuminates the four directions of eternal feminine wisdom from her four phases of consciousness:

    • Maiden (Water)
    • Mother (Earth)
    • Guardian (Air)
    • and Crone (Fire).

    Each sphere of feminine energy speaks to a stage in our human development and spiritual evolution. The Lantern Oracle invites you to call upon her throughout your journey and shadow work for loving light where clarity, growth, assistance, and healing is needed. May it bring you much insight, warmth, and blessings.


    The four guiding phases of Maiden, Mother, Guardian, and Crone are represented by four colours of consciousness: youthful green, radiant rose, deep orange, and pure silver.

    A Maiden’s consciousness is open-hearted, vulnerable, and vibrant. The Maiden’s energy typically radiates the power of her adventurous and fearless desire to explore.

    Cards 1-11 are the Maiden’s unconditionally open-hearted wisdom of intuition

    Cards 12-22 are The Mother (earth, fertility) Young Adulthood:

    • Passion
    • Learning
    • Choices
    • Trial and Error
    • Creativity
    • Betrayal
    • Disillusionment
    • and Being Broken Open

    The Mother harnesses the power of Rose Wisdom.

    Cards 23-33 are The Guardian (air, insight) Midlife:

    • Empowerment
    • Selfhood
    • Authority
    • Meaning
    • Composure
    • Gifts of Renewal
    • and Insight

    Serving her community, the Guardian is all heart and acceptance, and she demands respect for all.

    Cards 23-33 are the Crone (fire, alchemy) Elder:

    • Acceptance
    • Integration
    • Reconcilement
    • and Wisdom

    The pure silver light of the Crone’s consciousness completes the feminine circle

    Embark on a beautiful, soul-nurturing journey with the ever-present and loving light of the eternal feminine wisdom as your guide.

    Ask a question and connect with the Maidens, Mothers, Guardians and Crones of this profound and powerful deck for clarity, growth, assistance and healing.

    Use this deck to draw lessons, solutions, and insight from the shadows and be empowered to walk in truth and shine your light in the world.

    The 44 cards feature key phrases for immediate answers, and the guidebook offers further meaning so you can integrate a deeper understanding of the messages.

    With guidance for every stage and phase of life, The Lantern Oracle Deck and Guidebook is a go-to deck for tapping into the supportive, caring, honest, and timeless divine sisterhood.

    Angelina Mirabito completed her PhD on the therapeutic value of creative writing. Here, she opens doorways to higher knowledge through story, symbolism, and the fantasy art of Yuly Alejo.

    44 cards and 144-page guidebook packaged in a hardcover box.

    Weight500 g
    Dimensions17 × 12 × 3.5 cm


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