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  • Like the grimoires of old, the Magickal Botanical Oracle Cards is much more than just discovering the plants for a witch’s garden. The pen is from Christopher Penczak, and the brush is from Maxine Miller.

    What you have with you is a system bringing together some of the most unusual, interesting, and magickal plants found in the Witch’s world.

    While not everyone is called to follow the path of the Witch and walk between the worlds, all people are special, each with unique gifts and talents to offer the world.

    Likewise, all plants are special.

    The art of this grimoire is drawn to reach an understanding of the nature and personality of each plant, balanced with a deeper look at the magickal lore and medicine surrounding each herb.

    Featuring 33 striking illustrations of various botanical species, each card includes:

    • the plant’s common and scientific names
    • the magickal meaning
    • plant spirit medicine
    • the divination meaning
    • the reversed divination meaning, and
    • an affirmation

    With their intricate details, and enchanting energy, the Magickal Botanical Oracle Cards are a must-have for anyone who has an appreciation for plants, oracle cards, or both.

    Weight520 g
    Dimensions17 × 12 × 6 cm
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    Garden, Botanical, Earth, Nature, Aromatherapy, Witches, Wizards and Witchcraft


    Lo Scarabeo


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