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  • Greetings, fellow witch! If you’re looking for a way to deepen your connection with the natural world and enhance your magickal practice, then the Magickal Botanical Softcover Journal, written and illustrated by Maxine Miller and Christopher Penczak, is a must-have.

    As witches, we know that the power of plants is truly magickal. With this gorgeous journal, you can explore over 130 plants commonly found in our gardens, apothecaries, and spell books.

    But this journal isn’t just an informative resource – it’s also a powerful tool for recording your thoughts and magickal workings. With plenty of space for writing and drawing, you can capture your spells, recipes, and other magickal musings all in one place. The flexible cover makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, so you never have to be without it.

    And let’s talk about the illustrations – Maxine Miller’s detailed artwork is truly breathtaking. Each illustration captures the true essence and spirit of the plant, bringing it to life on the page. These illustrations alone are worth the investment.

    But why take my word for it? As a fellow witch, I know the value of connecting with the natural world and enhancing our magickal practices. The Magickal Botanical Softcover Journal is an invaluable resource that will help you do just that. It’s a powerful tool for deepening your knowledge, connecting with the natural world, and unlocking the hidden magickal properties of plants.

    Journal includes:

    • affirmations and plant descriptions written in 4 languages
    • full page illustrations
    • Lined and unlined pages for writing and drawing

    So, if you’re ready to take your magickal practice to the next level, then don’t hesitate – get your hands on the Magickal Botanical Journal today. Your witchy soul will thank you for it.




    Weight380 g
    Dimensions21 × 15 × 2 cm
    Author Name


    Witches, Wizards and Witchcraft


    Lo Scarabeo


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