When you’re born, you’re given your own individual magickal word, your name.

It holds the keys to your soul’s energies, capabilities, and karma.

If we come to know and use them properly, we can uncover much about our soul’s purpose, growth, and potential.


  • how family karma is reflected through the surname,
  • the dangers and benefits of changing your name,
  • how to transmute your name into a magickal incantation,
  • how to heal yourself through your name’s tones,
  • and how to discover your name song.

The Sacred Power in Your Name also features dictionary-style entries for more than two hundred names that include meanings, affirmations, vowel elements, chakras, and variations on the name.

Let’s take a look at a random name:


Meaning: Little lamb

Suggested affirmation: I am Rachel. I am the little lamb of God


The lamb is a very ancient symbol, especially in Hebraic and Christian traditions. The lamb was sacrificed at Passover and its blood smeared upon the lintel posts to protect homes from death.

Jesus was also known as the lamb of God who was sacrificed for humanity.

Those of this name have extremely large hearts to the degree that they may occasionally find they sacrifice themselves. This sacrificial aspect must be overcome.

Learning to assert their love without martyrdom is difficult, but it can be accomplished. It simply requires recognizing that one cannot always take responsibility for others. People with this name have great healing capabilities, but they must be asserted properly……..

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