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  • The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Ashawnee Dubarry, illustrated by Coni Curi.

    A tarot kit for the modern mystic, creatively reimagined with inclusive, female symbology and a vintage-poster aesthetic.

    We continue to be in the grip of a tarot-reading craze as a new group of young tarot enthusiasts – mainly millennial women – are reclaiming tarot decks as tools of self-care, spiritual growth, and identity affirmation.

    Rather than simply picking up a deck and flipping through a book to see what each card means, the reader is empowered to feel confident in pulling meaning from symbolism encased in feminist ideology.

    And while instilling confidence in the reader in terms of their feminine power, this kit also helps deepen their understanding of a centuries-old craft.

    The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot Deck is an international collaboration between Ashawnee DuBarry, an intuitive tarot reader based in New Jersey, and Coni Curie, an Argentine artist.

    The cards themselves were created to resemble vintage posters with a modern edge and features the original French name for each of the Major Arcana, such as La Papesse for the High Priestess and Le Diable for the Devil.

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    The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Ashawnee Dubarry - Front Cover The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot De...

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