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  • Introducing The Seven Jewels of Reiki by Sifu Michael Fuchs – a captivating journey into the world of Reiki, where skepticism transforms into profound compassion and love for the art. Dr. Etha Behrmann’s foreword sets the stage for an enlightening exploration that will resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

    In this beautifully written book, Michael Fuchs invites you to join him on his personal odyssey, gracefully weaving together anecdotes and stories that will draw you in. Reading “The Seven Jewels of Reiki” is like sitting fireside, wrapped in the warmth of Michael’s storytelling, as he guides you through his discovery and astonishment.

    Michael possesses a unique talent for translating the enigmatic essence of Reiki into relatable, down-to-earth terms. He adheres to the principle of “I can’t tell you, but I can show you,” and does so with a conversational style that makes the complex seem approachable. Through everyday comparisons and real-life situations, he demystifies Reiki, making it accessible to modern readers.

    This book is not a lecture; it’s a heartfelt conversation. Michael Fuchs is not just a teacher but also a compassionate guide who believes that learning is most effective when it flows gently. As you turn the pages, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Reiki in contemporary terms.

    Discover Michael’s Butterfly Reiki System, a unique and transformative approach to Reiki that he unveils within these pages. Hold it gently, absorb its wisdom, and then set it free to transform your understanding of this ancient art.

    Whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, The Seven Jewels of Reiki by Sifu Michael Fuchs will be a delightful addition to your library. Dive into its pages, embrace the wisdom, and embark on your own Reiki journey with Michael as your trusted companion. This book is a testament to the power of compassion, learning, and the profound magic of Reiki.



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