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  • The Sugar Skull Tarot Deck by David Ross

    This Light-hearted, Beautifully Illustrated Deck And Guidebook brings the spiritual mysticism of sugar skulls to a fresh interpretation of each of the major and minor arcana, to help you hone your intuition.

    Sugar skulls, Or Calaveras, are traditionally made by hand to celebrate the Mexican celebration of Day Of The Dead, or Día De Muertos. Colorful and lovingly crafted, they are offerings for loved ones who have passed into the spirit realm.

    The sugar skulls depicted throughout the sugar Skull Tarot Deck are there to remind us of our spiritual journey and help us reach our full potential.

    Just as the fool progresses throughout the entirety of the major arcana, we all have our own personal journeys that are represented through the tarot. Whether it’s the magician shooting the sugar skull bullseye, the high priestess seeing her reflection in the water (thus revealing her inner truth in the form of a sugar skull), or the fool feeling confident that he will create and manifest the perfect sugar skull by the time he finishes his journey, we all have an unrealized version of our true potential.

    The Sugar Skull Tarot Deck And Guidebook offers a refreshing new take on a timeless tradition and is the perfect tool to recognize the inner potential inside each of us. Let the brightly colored illustrations offer you all the inspiration you need to be, the best person you can truly be,  so you can present a more accurate representation of yourself—confident, magical, and ready to give and receive love to the world.

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    The Sugar Skull Tarot by David Ross Front Cover The Sugar Skull Tarot Cards

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